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We are continuing to search for properties, and it turns out that Mr. K, who is taking care of us there, is actually the older brother of our classmate from high school.

Through this process, I was able to meet Mr. K’s younger brother, whom I hadn’t seen since graduation, at the office again.

It seems like he’s providing sound sources to various artists in Tokyo, and it’s very lively to see his dream come true.

I’m wishing of having them compose a theme song for LUCKY SOCKS someday.

Thank you and have a lucky day !

LUCKY SOCKS / ラッキーソックス

LUCKY SOCKS, if you get a win, you can get another pair! It’s Japan’s first, and possibly the World’s first ! a socks brand for a gift with a win.

It’s to celebrate a loved one, to return a thank you, and of course to treat yourself.

We hope you have a lucky day with our LUCKY SOCKS !