Limited - 期間限定第2弾 -

Last Stock - 在庫かぎり -




リニューアルした新商品と入れ替わるように旧タイプの定番アイテムがだんだん少なくなってきました。 事務所にも専用コーナーを作っていて、これが意外と好評です✨



The number of old standard items is gradually decreasing as they are being replaced by new and renewed socks.

We have also created a dedicated corner in our office, which has been surprisingly popular.

It’s a great deal when you buy in bulk, and it ends as soon as it runs out, so it’s recommended for first-timers and repeat customers.

Have a lucky day ! 

LUCKY SOCKS / ラッキーソックス

LUCKY SOCKS, if you get a win, you can get another pair! It’s Japan’s first, and possibly the World’s first ! a socks brand for a gift with a win.

It’s to celebrate a loved one, to return a thank you, and of course to treat yourself.

We hope you have a lucky day with our LUCKY SOCKS !