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【千客万来記】from 大阪







A customer from Arita who lives in Osaka now came to our office during her summer vacation.

When I told her that I had lived in Osaka for about five years for work, she said that she had known about the store and LUCKY SOCKS for a long time.So I was very happy and a little embarrassed.

Why socks? Why Arita? We’re always asked, but we can only answer that the reason is that we like this town, and we just happen to make LUCKY SOCKS because we want customers to enjoy themselves.

I was overwhelmed with emotion that Ojiro Setsubi Tee was brought back to Osaka with LUCKY SOCKS.

Thank you very much and have a lucky day !

LUCKY SOCKS / ラッキーソックス

LUCKY SOCKS, if you get a win, you can get another pair! It’s Japan’s first, and possibly the World’s first ! a socks brand for a gift with a win.

It’s to celebrate a loved one, to return a thank you, and of course to treat yourself.

We hope you have a lucky day with our LUCKY SOCKS !