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主催の1239プロジェクトのみなさんにもたいへんお世話になりました。 今週は金曜にまた福岡まで出かけます、お近くの方はぜひお声がけください🙌

場所: 木の葉モール橋本(福岡市西区)


Yesterday’s 1239 Market was a lively event with many people and dogs from the morning.

I also brought my camera to take pictures of the customers, but I only took pictures of the first group and couldn’t handle the rest .

We had people come from not only Arita, but also Imari, Sasebo, and Hasami, as well as from as far away as Fukuoka, Isahaya, and Saga City. Although it was a short time, we had a lot of fun talking about various things.

Thank you so much.

We would also like to thank everyone at the 1239 Project, which sponsored the event, for their help.

This week we will be going to Fukuoka again on Friday, so if you are in the area, please stop by.

Have a lucky day !

LUCKY SOCKS / ラッキーソックス

LUCKY SOCKS, if you get a win, you can get another pair! It’s Japan’s first, and possibly the World’s first ! a socks brand for a gift with a win.

It’s to celebrate a loved one, to return a thank you, and of course to treat yourself.

We hope you have a lucky day with our LUCKY SOCKS !