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This morning, we received an interview about LUCKY SOCKS and our philosophy from the person in charge of the Saga Prefectural Office, which promotes the Yama-no-Kaigi activity.

I like listening to other people’s stories, but I was a little nervous to talk about ourselves in front of the formal-looking prefectural office staff.

We chatted for nearly two hours about our thoughts on the business and life in the local area, and they even gave us ideas for socks and taught us a lot of things.

I still don’t really understand what kind of organization they are, but we would like to thank Mr. A and Mr. I for the valuable opportunity.

We originally intended to finish in 30 minutes, so we’ll work harder to make up for the lost hour and a half.

Have a lucky day !

LUCKY SOCKS / ラッキーソックス

LUCKY SOCKS, if you get a win, you can get another pair! It’s Japan’s first, and possibly the World’s first ! a socks brand for a gift with a win.

It’s to celebrate a loved one, to return a thank you, and of course to treat yourself.

We hope you have a lucky day with our LUCKY SOCKS !